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SRE India is India’s leading real estate consulting company. With pan India’s presence, the firm has evolved to reach where it is today attaining numerous remarkable milestones along its journey.

We are stationed in Gurgaon, where we saw Gurgaon turning into one of the main industrial hubs not only in NCR but in the country. With a team of highly professional and experienced members, we provide nothing but the best service to our clients. We provide special attention to every client of ours. Our team does thorough research to make sure you get what you asked for.

Our prominent services include real estate consulting, advisory, corporate buying and leasing, land evaluation, brokerage, business advisory, property and asset management, project management, real estate corporate solution, and allied services.

First thing first, we are a real estate consultancy firm and one among the bigger players. We have seen Gurgaon rise before our eyes and continue to be headquartered here. We also have offices in Delhi and network partners extensively across India. We have a highly professional and competent team to cater to all realty needs. After growing organically for years, we are now on the threshold of a giant leap. Every leap begins with a belief and here is ours. Nothing pays like real estate and we want to urge and assist as many people as we can in their reality dreams and decisions.

We specialize in realty wealth management, underwriting, corporate buying/leasing, land evaluation, brokerage, business advisory & many other allied services for builders, corporates as well as individuals.


Sanjeev Pratap Singh is founder and chairman of SRE INDIA, Mr. Sanjeev Pratap Singh has built his reputation in the real estate industry by sheer hard work, persistence, and determination. He brings with him 18 years of rich and undisputable industry knowledge. He is a true leader and visionary. His dream is to create a world-class organization that redefines the work ethics of the real estate industry and establishes new benchmarks of professional competence and advisory services in India. He is a man of futuristic ideas, ardent planning and immediate action. His passion and compelling desire to exact has shaped the core values of the organization and lead SRE onto a new growth path.

AND as he often says,

“Nothing significant can be achieved without Passion & Patience”

Sanjeev Pratap Singh CMD and Founder SRE India


Team SRE can be described in one simple line –“Building great experiences and not just selling real estate “.

At SRE we have built a team of professionals, who go beyond the realm of their domain knowledge, by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds like – Banking, Advertising, and Financial Management. We have been able to inculcate best market practices into SRE culture & work ethics: this in itself sets us apart from other players in the real estate sector which is still relatively unorganized in India.

At SRE, it’s our approach that sets us apart from everyone else. The big difference is really simple –we are on your side, we are a consultant who will guide you at all the steps and give you information that an agent will never share.

Team SRE is a balanced mix of dynamic young blood-hungry to do more, make a mark in this industry & mature, seasoned professionals who have years of experience & an in-depth understanding of real estate.

Among first-timers as well as old loyalists we are growing faster than any other real estate consultancy firm in the country today.

Team SRE India
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